STD Test Packages

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Herpes  HSV Type 1,2 Test Package  - 2 Testing Kits New -2%

Herpes Test One-Step Combined HSV1 – HSV2 Home Kit

Herpes Simplex type-1 and 2 IgM – IgG Home TestHome Screening Test for Herpes virus in whole-blood s..

CAD 128.25 CAD 125.71 Ex Tax: CAD 125.71

STD Basic Package - 3 Testing  Kits -7%

One-Step Combined Basic STD Testing

STD Basic Package  HIV+C+G (Blood) Screening Tests for HIV 1/2 (+All Sub Types), Chlamydia ..

CAD 203.69 CAD 188.56 Ex Tax: CAD 188.56

STD Fever Package  - 5  Home Testing  Kits -4%

STD One-Step Combined Fever Home Test

STD Fever Package HIV+C+G+S+H (blood and urine based) Screening Tests for HIV 1/2 (+All SubTypes..

CAD 326.91 CAD 314.27 Ex Tax: CAD 314.27

STD 10-Test Maxi Home Test Package -2%

STD One-Step Combined Maxi Testing Kits

Our 10-Test Maxi Bundle is a comprehensive STD testing package that tests for the most common STDs...

CAD 641.24 CAD 628.54 Ex Tax: CAD 628.54