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home testing for Herpes HSV2 virus in whole-blood sample.

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Genital Herpes treatment & testing in Canada

Genital herpes

Genital herpes is a common infection that can cause painful blisters in the genital area. The infection is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). There are two types of HSV, type 1 and type 2. Most genital herpes is caused by type 2.

Cold sores around the mouth are also caused by HSV (usually by type 1).

The World Health Organisation estimates that 69% of women and 61% of men in Canada carry the type 2 virus - that is two thirds of the population.

How is it passed on?

HSV enters the body through small cracks in the skin or through the mouth, vagina, rectum, urethra (the tube where urine comes out) and under the foreskin.

It can be passed on through skin to skin contact during oral, vaginal or anal sex, or by sharing sex toys with someone who is infected.

You cannot get genital herpes from sharing baths or towels, from swimming pools, toilet seats or from sharing cups, plates or cutlery.

The virus will not pass through a condom but as condoms do not cover all of the genital area it is possible to infect genital skin that is not covered by the condom.

If you already have one type of HSV it is still possible for you to get the other type (although you may not notice any symptoms).


Not everyone who has the virus will get symptoms, which is why many people do not know they are infected. Only 10-20% of people who carry the infection will have been previously diagnosed.

Some people will get symptoms within four or five days of coming into contact with the virus. In other people, the virus may be in the body for several weeks, months or possibly years before any symptoms appear. Only one third of people will get symptoms at the time of infection. This means that when you get symptoms it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve only just come into contact with the virus.

Symptoms may be mild or quite severe. If you do get symptoms you may get some of the following:

  • flu-like symptoms such as fever, tiredness, headache, swollen glands, aches and pains in the lower back and down the legs or in the groin stinging, tingling or itching in the genital or anal area
  • small, fluid-filled blisters anywhere in the genital or anal area, on the buttocks and the tops of the thighs. These burst within a day or two leaving small, red sores which can be very painful
  • pain when passing urine caused by the urine flowing over the sores.

Recurrent outbreaks are usually milder than with the first outbreak and clear up more quickly (in about a week). You may experience, on average, 4 outbreaks per year and the frequency is likely to reduce over time.

You can only be certain you have genital herpes if you have a test while the sores are present.

Long term effects

It is rare for genital herpes to cause any long term health problems. However, the virus remains in the body and can cause further outbreaks. It is common to get outbreaks at times when your immune system is less able to keep the virus under control, for example, when you feel run down or when you are pregnant. If you experience symptoms of genital herpes during pregnancy then it is important to tell your midwife and/or obstetrician.

Many people will not need treatment and will have very few outbreaks. The aim of genital herpes treatment is to relieve the symptoms only - it does not clear the virus from the body.

Some people choose not to take antiviral tablets and instead take over the counter painkillers such as paracetamol whilst their ulcers heal.

Treatment is only effective at reducing the severity and length of symptoms if you start it within 48 hours of the blisters forming or when new blisters are still forming. Usually a short five day course of antiviral tablets is prescribed.

You can also use local anaesthetic ointment such as lidocaine. This will numb the skin where the sores are to ease the pain.

Some people use longer ‘suppressive’ treatment courses if:

  • they are experiencing repeated outbreaks (usually more than six in a year) and their symptoms are particularly severe and causing distress
  • they are with a new partner and want to reduce the chances of passing the infection on
  • if they are in later stages of pregnancy to avoid passing the infection on during childbirth.

Suppressive treatment courses of antiviral tablets are prescribed to try to reduce or stop outbreaks.

Select Herpes Test  OneStep Combined HSV1 – HSV2  home test to screen for both Cold Sores and Genital Herpes.

Genital Herpes Test (HSV2) - Home Test Kit

home screening for herpes simplex HSV2 virus in whole-blood sample.



Tell me about the Herpes Test Simplex (HSV-2) - Antibody Test.

The HSV-2 Rapid Test Device detects  antibodies to HSV-2 through visual interpretation of color development. Recombinant antigens of HSV-2 and anti-human antibodies are used to detect the specific antibodies in the human whole blood samples. When a sample is added to the sample well on the test panel, HSV-2  antibodies, if present, will bind to the anti-human conjugated to colored particles on the sample pad. As the specimen migrates along the strip by capillary action and interacts with reagents on the membrane, the complex will be captured by recombinant HSV-2 antigens immobilized at the detection zone. Excess colored particle are captured at the internal control zone.


The presence of a red band in the test region (T) indicates a positive result for the particular antibodies, while its absence indicates a negative result. A red band at the control region (C) serves as a procedural control, indicating that the proper volume of specimen has been added and membrane wicking is working.


What kind of sample is required?

A simple blood sample collect in the privacy of your home.


Any preparation?



What do the test results mean?

HSV-2 Antibodies Present (positive): This means you have a genital herpes HSV2 infection, genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infection. It causes small, painful, fluid-filled blisters. These blisters break open and leave an indented sore or ulcer. The blisters can be found on the genitals, buttocks, or thighs. However, they can also spread to other parts of the body (such as, the mouth, face, or eyes).


Genital Herpes HSV2 IgM antibodies can take up to ten days to develop after primary infection with the virus. If you believe you have been exposed, but have no symptoms, you should therefore wait at least two weeks before getting tested, you may also want to go for a repeat test after 6 months if you do not undergo regular screening.


Limitations of the test

The HSV-2 Rapid Test Device is for home in vitro diagnostic use, and should only be used for the qualitative detection of antibodies to HSV-2. The color intensity in a positive band should not be evaluated as “quantitative or semi-quantitative”.


Failure to follow the TEST PROCEDURE and RESULT INTERPRETATION may adversely affect test performance and/or invalidate the test result.


Results obtained with this assay, particularly in the case of weak test lines that are difficult to interpret should be used in conjunction with other clinical information available to the physician.


A high dose “hook effect” may occur where the color intensity of test band decreases as the concentration of antibodies increases. If a “hook effect” is suspected, dilution of specimens may increase color intensity of the test band.


Preformance Characteristics


Clinical sensitivity and specificity The HSV-2 Rapid Test Device (Whole Blood) has been evaluated with specimens obtained from a population of symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. A commercial HSV-2 EIA test was used as comparison. The overall agreement both tests is 90%.  


Precision Intra-Assay Within-run precision has been determined by using 10 replicates of negative and positive specimens. The specimens were correctly identified >99% of the time. Inter-Assay Between-run precision has been determined by 10 independent assays on the negative and positive specimens.Three different lots of the HSV-2 Rapid Test Device (Whole Blood) have been tested using these specimens. The specimens were correctly identified >99% of the time.


Literature Refference


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We work with the top USA and European manufacturers to bring high quality STD screening kits to your doorstep in a discreet package. Tests can be self-administered in as little as 5 minutes.


Canada Home Test Kit is an easy to use product which does not require any other devices or external equipment’s. Just follow the step-by-step demonstrated in the manual and remember to read the important notes.


Download Genital Herpes HSV2 test instructions by clicking here!


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