New -29% Hepatitis C Antibody Home Test

Hepatitis C Antibody Home Test

Home Screening Test for Hepatitis C virus in whole-blood sample.

  • Clinically confirmed for home testing.
  • Sensitivity 99.9% – Specificity 99.9%
  • Used in hospital, clinics and test centers.
  • Easy to use, detailed instruction manual.
  • Fast visible result in 20 minutes.
  • Discreet and anonymous shipping.
  • 24 / 7 Online Support

Tell me about the Hepatitis C test.
This blood test looks for antibodies to the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). If you get tested before there are enough antibodies to detect, you may get a “false negative” result but still have acute type C viral hepatitis. Also, you may have a positive result if you were exposed and treated for this virus in the past. This test cannot tell if you still have an active viral infection. The CDC suggests that “weakly positive” tests be confirmed with another test within 3 months.

What kind of sample is required Hepatitis C testing?
A blood sample are collect at home.

Any preparation for the Hepatitis C test?

What do I have to know about the Hepatitis C results?
This test screens for the earliest indicator of acute Hepatitis C infection., the test results are either positive or negative. A negative result means there is no evidence of the virus or has recovered from acute hepatitis.

A positive result indicates an early infection. A negative result indicates that there is no active or prior infection. In general, if the Hepatitis C test is strongly positive, it could mean that the infection has been present for some time. The diagnosis is typically confirmed by the finding of the Hepatitis C RNA in serum with additional testing.

How is Hepatitis C treated?
Sometimes mild liver issues are left alone without therapeutic treatment. Your doctor may do what’s called “watchful waiting” before starting treatment for Hepatitis C. Before any serious treatment begins, there needs to be a confirmatory diagnosis of chronic Hepatitis C. Chronic hepatitis C is diagnosed when antibodies are present for more than 6 months. It’s important to note that there are other major health conditions that can be confused clinically with chronic Hepatitis C so RNA testing is typically ordered to confirm the diagnosis. Courses of antiviral medications like interferon, ribavirin, and combination therapies are used to manage the virus and liver function.

Antiviral medications can clear the virus.
Chronic Hepatitis C can be treated over time with a treat and test routine. While these medications can be very effective in managing the virus and liver symptoms, they can have serious side effects and may need to be stopped in certain cases.

Liver failure can be treated with a new, transplanted liver.
A last resort for livers on the verge of failure is a transplant. During a transplant, the surgeon removes the damaged liver and replaces it with a healthy one.

An estimated 2.7 million persons in the United States have chronic hepatitis C virus infection. Most people do not know they are infected because they don’t look or feel sick.

Approximately 75%–85% of people who become infected with Hepatitis C virus develop chronic infectio

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Hepatitis C Antibody Home Test

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