Herpes Test - difference between oral and genital Herpes

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Herpes Test - difference between oral and genital Herpes


What is the difference between Herpes you get on the lip (cold sores) and the man gets in the genital area? Can herpes on the lip infection to the genitals during oral sex, and vice versa? Can you get herpes, for example your finger poked a blister? How to a get a herpes test?



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Lip herpes (cold sores) is usually caused by the herpes simplex 1 and Genital Herpes, Herpes simplex 2. The question of two different viruses, both of which belong to the herpes virus, which also include the virus that causes chickenpox and mononucleosis hear. Herpes test is fast and secure way to


The virus can be passed from mouth to the genitals or from the genitals to the mouth. In between 10 and 20 percent of the cases you will find the herpes simplex 1 in the genital or herpes simplex 2 on the lip. To find out which type of herpes you are infected with order a herpes test at home kit.


In principle, one can get a herpes infection anywhere on the body. Good hand hygiene is important for the virus will not spread. On the fingers, the virus can cause painful abscesses.


A herpes infection of the eye can cause an inflammation of the cornea and requires a visit to an ophthalmologist.


In atopic infection can sometimes cause widespread rash, so-called eczema herpeticum, mainly on the face and head. An untreated eczema herpeticum can be a life-threatening condition. The infection was shot with viral medication in tablet form.

When the patient, usually as children, infected with herpes simplex 1 will sometimes the first blisters in the mouth and throat. When the virus is activated later sits blisters usually on the lip.


Primary infection by herpes simplex 2 usually occurs on the genitals, but can later give rise to blisters also on the buttocks and the lower back.


In connection with the initial infection can also be general symptoms like fever, headache and muscle aches occur. In rare cases, the virus can cause a serious herpes encephalitis (brain inflammation).


The virus can remain in the body in an inactive form. In many infected with the herpes virus activates and then and give rise to new blisters. Physical or mental stress, colds, sun, and menstruation can be triggers of a new infection.


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Virus Medicine in tablet form relieves symptoms and shorten the course of disease. Medicines can also be taken preventively, before travelling or if the infections are frequent.


Herpes can be transmitted even when the virus is latent, even if the infection is usually spread from visible blisters. Therefore, it’s important to get a herpes test to find out if you are infected or not.


Herpes can be passed from mother to child during birth. If the mother has an active herpes infection when it is time to feed the releases to the baby by Caesarean section.