Gonorrhea Test at Home

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Gonorrhea Test at Home


Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterium. The bacterium called gonococcal in Canada, its Latin name is Neisseria gonorrhea. The number of patients with gonorrhea have  increasing in recent decades. The disease is seen most commonly in young people between 15 and 24 years.



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How do you get gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is transmitted mainly through sexual contact.

Pregnant with gonorrhea can infect the baby at birth. Children who become infected in this way you get a sharp eye inflammation. This can lead to blindness if the child does not receive treatment. Previously congenital gonorrhea the most common cause of blindness in the Western world. To prevent this, dropped one eye on newborns with lapis (silver nitrate). This form of prevention is no longer used today.


What are the signs that you are infected with gonorrhea?

About. half of all women who are infected have no symptoms. In men it is about 1/3 that do not develop symptoms.

Male symptoms:


  • In men, the first symptom burning during urination. If symptoms are powerful, it can feel as if "you pee Shard".
  • It will also discharge from the urethra. in the beginning it sparingly and slimy, but it is evolving rapidly and there will eventually be plenty of off-white secretions. This is why gonorrhea called "dryppert ripper".

Female symptoms:

  • In women, symptoms may be modest.
  • There may be burning when urinating and
  • Increased, possibly malodorous, vaginal secretions.

In both sexes, one can see an infection with gonococci throat. As a rule, such an infection no symptoms, but some develop a fever.

By anal sex can get a gonococcal infection in the rectum. Such infection may be entirely asymptomatic, but can also be developed to a very painful condition with bloody discharge from the rectum.


Who are at particular risk of getting gonorrhea?

  • People with many different partners.
  • People who have unsafe sex.